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DC continues experiencing soaring crime rates despite council chairman saying ‘there is no crime crisis’

Washington, D.C.’s crime rates have continued to skyrocket despite its city council chairman proclaiming earlier this year there is no crime crisis in the nation’s capital.

Democratic D.C. Council Chairman Phil Mendelson told the House Committee on Oversight in late March that while there are considerable concerns regarding crime, residents should not worry.

‘With regard to crime, yes, there is considerable concern,’ Mendelson said. ‘But while perception is important, the reality is less concerning. Let me be clear: People should feel safe, and it is a problem that many residents of the district don’t.

‘I know this belies the common belief — and when it comes to crime, how people feel is important — but there is not a crime crisis in Washington, D.C.’

The hearing came after months of disputes between Congress and the D.C. council over crime proposals. It also occurred just days after a staff member for Republican Sen. Rand Paul was severely injured after being stabbed by a man who had recently been released from prison.

But months after his comments from the March hearing, crime statistics paint a much different picture than Mendelson’s reassurances about the ‘reality’ of where the city stands.

According to data from the D.C. Metropolitan Police Department, almost all crimes have soared from this time last year. As of Aug. 18, the nation’s capital has experienced a 63% increase in robberies, a 27% increase in homicides, a 14% increase in sexual abuse and a 4% increase in assault with a deadly weapon.

Violent crimes as a whole have skyrocketed 38%, the data shows. 

The city has also witnessed property crimes increase by 29% over the past year, including a 167% increase in arson, a 115% increase in motor vehicle theft and a 3% increase in burglaries.

The crime stats over the past year are also trending in the opposite direction they had been from 2021 to 2022. During that time, there was a dip in every crime category besides motor vehicle theft, which saw an 8% increase, according to the data. 

Democratic D.C. Councilmember Trayon White Sr. has also sung a much different tune than Mendelson. White said in early August it might be time to bring in the National Guard as the city continues to be hammered by crime.

‘The crime is out of control and getting worse by the day,’ White said at a press conference earlier this month. ‘We must declare an emergency regarding the crime and violence in our neighborhoods and act urgently. It may be time to call on the National Guard to protect the children and innocent people that are losing their lives to this senselessness.

‘I am tired of burying our children. We are too comfortable with the state of our city. We must take action to gain control and protect our residents. Law enforcement is only one part of how we combat public safety issues. It will take all of us to heal our community.’

Mendelson did not respond to a Fox News Digital request for comment.  

Fox News Digital’s Thomas Phippen and Emma Colton contributed reporting.

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