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Dogecoin Mobile P2E Meme Coin Rival PlayDoge Price to Explode 170x, Lowest Ever Presale Price Ends Soon

Dogecoin mobile P2E (play-to-earn) challenger PlayDoge has only hours to go before the presale token price rises.

In barely two days since its launch the $PLAY token is more than three-quarters of the way ($617k) toward its Stage 1 goal of $787,500.

Currently in Stage 1 of its multi-stage presale, PlayDoge can be purchased for the rock-bottom price of $0.005, but in less than 24 hours that rises to $0.0051.

Like Dogecoin, PlayDoge is a meme coin centered on the Shiba Inu dog breed, but the similarities end there.

While Dogecoin can claim to be the OG meme coin, PlayDoge could be the top dog that surpasses Dogecoin’s valuation by bringing Tamagotchi companion games into the 21st-century smartphone era.

Those who weren’t around in the 90s may need to be reminded of the phenomenal viral success of Tamagotchi devices, where owners nurtured and cared for a virtual pet.

But tech being what it was then, meant the experience was, to some extent, limited. For instance, the pet would always eventually die, forcing the conscientious carer to reboot, so to speak, and start again with a new pet.

By bringing decentralized networks and mobile gaming to the party, PlayDoge overcomes those limitations.

Judging by the performance of BabyDoge, the playful PlayDoge is set to explode in price 170x.

PlayDoge has not just fixed Tamagotchi – its P2E layer will transform companion gaming

Decentralized networks built on blockchain technology mean that gameplay can be designed around a rewards-incentivization economy.

PlayDoge’s in-game $PLAY token acts as the value transfer and storage transactional layer for the gaming ecosystem, where training, feeding and other nurturing activities are rewarded. The more a player engages with their pet, the greater the rewards.

The new mobile gaming crypto revamps the classic 8-bit bitmapped look and feel of those side-scrolling hits from back-in-the-day console makers such as Sega and Atari.

Play-to-earn mechanics mean players will be able to earn rewards by caring for their pet and taking it on adventurous journeys.

Unlike Dogecoin, PlayDoge is built for the future of mobile gaming

Another difference from Dogecoin is that the blockchain of choice works on a proof-of-stake (PoS) system, which means it is far more efficient than mining-based Dogecoin’s legacy system. Transaction efficiency matters in all settings, but none more so than when it comes to gaming.

PlayDoge runs on the BNB Chain (formerly Binance Smart Chain), which is the blockchain that was created by the world’s largest crypto exchange, Binance.

BNB Chain is capable of theoretical transactions per second (tps) throughput of 2,200 compared to around 30 for Dogecoin.

In 2023 BNB Chain introduced a Layer 2 technology called opBNB that is capable of delivering an even more impressive 4,700 tps.

A high tps means that there is no danger of the P2E mechanics degrading the gameplay, and therefore the enjoyment, of the gamer.

Also, because PoS is more efficient it means gas fees for transactions are much lower, another big plus for PlayDoge.

Dogecoin is trying at gaming but PlayDoge will do it much better

To be fair to Dogecoin, which at the time of writing has a valuation of $23.2 billion in market capitalization terms, it does have some gaming activity now taking place on its blockchain.

Using inscription technology that first took off on Bitcoin, but has now come to Dogecoin in the form of ‘Doginals’, art collections and games have found their way onto the chain. For example, the classic first-person shooter Doom is playable on Dogecoin.

However, inscriptions tech, which effectively repurposes under-used storage capacity, will run into scalability roadblocks, so is not a viable proposition for fully fledged mobile games, be they 2D or 3D. Here then, PlayDoge has another advantage over Dogecoin.

Still, taken together, all the various developments taking place across crypto show that the emergence of games on meme coins is a definite trend, which confirms that PlayDoge is onto something.

Shiba Inu and Floki are both exploring the gaming route, as they seek to add utility to their blockchain networks.

But PlayDoge is built from the bottom-up for gaming – it isn’t just an afterthought as with Shiba and Floki.

Community rewards will be central to the PlayDoge games economy, which is why 7.5% of the total supply has been allocated for their distribution from the outset.

$PLAY token owners are also able to take part in staking to earn passive income – 6% of the token supply is set aside for staking rewards.

However, there is no need to wait for the mobile app to go live before staking. Presale buyers can start staking straightaway. Current per annum earnings are 501% with 37 million tokens deposited in the staking pool contract.

Fifty percent of the total token supply of 9,400,000,000 is up for grabs in the presale, a generous 12.5% is earmarked for marketing, and 11.5% is reserved for exchange liquidity.

BabyDoge ROI is 170x since launch – the PlayDoge price could perform even better

Although it might be a stretch to say that any coin with the Doge moniker is sure to do well, those meme coins that are first to land their own particular niche, such as with PlayDoge, will be among the winners.

That was the case with BabyDoge, in its BNB Chain incarnation, where it commands a market cap of around $277 million.

Aside from a stated commitment to animal welfare charitable giving, and the more recent addition of an AI-powered meme image generator, there is not a lot else to the token.

That’s fine, because it is a meme coin, but just think how much better PlayDoge could perform for investors by combining meme coin virality with gaming.

Indicative of the traction BabyDoge has gained, there are now 1.87 million holders of the coin in self-custody wallets. Also, at the time of writing the token, launched in June 2021, maintains a consistent presence in the top 10 hot pairs on Dextools.

BabyDoge’s return on investment (ROI) for early investors who still hold the coin today is 17,556% (170x), according to Dextools data. Those who bought in presale before the coin listed on decentralized exchanges will have pocketed an even higher return on investment.

PlayDoge could very easily emulate and better BabyDoge. And to fully show just how much potential upside there is in meme coins, BabyDoge from launch to its all-time high returned an even more spectacular 2,219,000%.

BabyDoge is currently priced at $0.000000001815.

$PLAY presale has the wind in its sails from a booming video game industry

The global video game industry market is valued at $447 billion in 2024 on current estimates. However, that figure is forecast to reach more than $1 trillion by 2032.

Crypto is a small part of the whole, but with a whole that big, there is plenty to go around. Just a small fraction of that addressable market coming PlayDoge’s way could make PlayDoge one of the most valuable crypto-gaming properties in the industry.

Source: Statista video game market research

A 2021 survey found strong interest in the concept of earning NFTs through playing video games.

Certainly, the frenzy around NFTs is not what it was. But leaving the frothy, more speculative end of the market where sub-standard digital art could sell for millions of dollars, NFTs are still ideally suited for P2E gaming.

For instance, they can be used to assign value to unique in-game assets, as PlayDoge could easily decide to do as part of its offering.

Source: Statista NFT research

PlayDoge has made 50% of its token supply available to presale buyers, but they are being snapped up in short order.

Buyers are not just reassured by its strong market fit through its targeting of meme coins and gaming. Another important consideration is the security and reliability of the project’s technology. The presale smart contract is fully audited, so that will be welcomed by investors, and shows the seriousness of the project.

To contribute to the innovative PlayDoge presale, simply connect your wallet at the website and buy using BNB, USDT or ETH. Buyers can also pay for tokens using their bank card.

Stay in touch with project developments by joining the community on X and Telegram.

Visit PlayDoge Here

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