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floLIVE Collaborates with Qualcomm to Enhance Global Connectivity on the Qualcomm Aware Platform

IoT module

IoT module

floLIVE, creator of the world’s first and largest hyperlocal global cellular network and a leading provider of global connectivity and network solutions for IoT, today announced that it is collaborating with Qualcomm Technologies, Inc. and its subsidiaries, one of the world’s leading advanced wireless technologies providers, to help enhance global connectivity on the innovative Qualcomm Aware™ Platform.

With a long history of developing industry-leading global connectivity solutions and standards, Qualcomm Technologies is now poised to revolutionize the Internet of Things (IoT) landscape through Qualcomm Aware. By unifying and optimizing hardware, software, developer-friendly tools, global connectivity, and positioning capabilities at the chipset level, Qualcomm Aware will help add digital intelligence, visibility, and control to enterprises while alleviating the market fragmentation challenges and deployment complexities that currently exist, in a more simple, security-focused, and scalable way.

The addition of floLIVE technologies to the Qualcomm Aware ecosystem advances intelligent global connectivity capabilities due to a unique hyperlocal global cellular network offered by floLIVE that’s designed to cater to the demands of OEMs and global enterprises. The floLIVE solution intelligently works together with a broader suite of Qualcomm Aware technologies and intelligence to provide virtually seamless local connectivity on a global scale and aims to redefine how IoT devices connect and communicate globally.
Qualcomm Aware targets key ecosystem fragmentation and system design complexity challenges that developers and businesses face and provides a set of differentiated services for managing assets that require critical, accurate, and time-sensitive decision making. Among the key challenges enterprises face are development time and costs associated with establishing reliable connectivity. With the floLIVE solution, devices can use a global network operator database, with multiple operators in a region, thereby improving connectivity reliability, and helping overcome roaming restrictions and challenges.

“Qualcomm Technologies’ integration of floLIVE into the Qualcomm Aware Platform to help enhance global connectivity is a testament to our dedication to delivering innovative and impactful global connectivity solutions,” said Curtis Govan, President, Americas at floLIVE.

“We are excited to collaborate with Qualcomm Technologies to bring our hyperlocal cellular network expertise to the Qualcomm Aware Platform, empowering businesses to harness the full potential of IoT with confidence.”

“We are excited to welcome floLIVE into the Qualcomm Aware ecosystem as a collaboration partner to intelligently enhance global connectivity of IoT devices,” said Mohammed Ansari, Senior Director, Business Development at Qualcomm Technologies. “A key differentiator of Qualcomm Aware is the ability to embed and optimize connectivity on IoT devices globally, with security as a focus, and intelligently manage the link from device to the cloud in a way that is designed to address the needs of customers across diverse industries.”

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