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Hillary Clinton commemorates D-Day with post suggesting Trump is comparable to Hitler

Hillary Clinton marked the 80th anniversary of the D-Day operation with a social media post that appeared to cast former President Trump as a threat to democracy on par with Nazi dictator Adolf Hitler.

In an X post on Thursday, Clinton implied that democracy is at stake in the upcoming presidential election, with presumptive Republican nominee former President Trump challenging incumbent President Biden, a Democrat. 

‘Eighty years ago today, thousands of brave Americans fought to protect democracy on the shores of Normandy,’ Clinton wrote in an X post on Thursday. ‘This November, all we have to do is vote.’ 

The D-Day invasion of Normandy, France, on June 6, 1944, is one of the most famous moments in U.S. military history. It was a turning point in World War II and the beginning of the liberation of Europe from Nazi Germany’s control by American and Allied forces. The implication from the failed 2016 Democratic nominee is that her former rival, Trump, is a threat to democracy similar to Hitler’s Third Reich — which sought world domination through conquest.

It wasn’t the first time Clinton has compared Trump to Hitler — in a May 21 post on X she called him, ‘Grifter Hitler,’ and shared an Associated Press article about a video posted to Trump’s Truth Social account that referenced a ‘unified Reich’ among hypothetical headlines if he wins the November election. The Trump campaign said the video was ‘created by a random account online and reposed by a staffer who clearly did not see the word.’ 

A spokesperson for Clinton did not respond to a request for comment.

‘Hillary Clinton is a stone-cold loser who presided over the horrific Benghazi debacle that led to the death of Americans,’ Trump campaign spokesman Steven Cheung told Fox News Digital. ‘Nobody takes Hillary seriously because it’s clear she is beclowning herself in order to stay relevant after President Trump crushed her in 2016.’ Trump defeated Clinton in the 2016 presidential election with 304 Electoral College votes, narrowly winning several key battleground states, although Clinton won the popular vote by a 2.1% margin. 

Democrats and President Biden have consistently attacked Trump as a threat to democracy since the January 6 riots, when a mob of Trump supporters marched on the U.S. Capitol in 2021 and interrupted Congress from certifying the results of the 2020 presidential election, in which Biden defeated Trump. They have also accused Republicans of acting to disenfranchise minorities through voter ID laws, limits on mail-in ballots and other election regulations Democrats say make it harder to vote. 

Trump has brushed off these attacks, telling Fox News in a recent interview he is the ‘opposite’ of a threat to democracy. 

In issue polling for the presidential election, voters consistently say they trust Biden more than Trump on topics of election integrity, preserving or protecting democracy and ensuring fair elections. A recent Fox News poll found Biden leading Trump by seven points on the issue of election integrity.

However, Trump leads Biden on key issues including the border and immigration, the economy, foreign policy and crime, according to the Fox News Power Rankings Issues Tracker.

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