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Lbank Now The 2nd Crypto Exchange To Confirm It Will List New Bitcoin Rival, Mollars Token

Mollars (MOLLARS) Token Confirmed for listing on LBANK; A Major crypto exchange with 7-million Users

The new Bitcoin rival, Mollars (MOLLARS), continues to gain ground before its official listing on public crypto exchanges.      A second crypto exchange, “LBank,” announced Monday that it will list the new store-of-value crypto asset after the token presale closes.

The token presale is still live,  with a freshly appointed deadline of June 1st, according to their website.   

A change of the ICO’s final deadline was reported last week with cryptocurrency’s creators & team announcing  the new date, due to two reasons;  Hard cap goals and a new demand from crypto exchanges that required more time to see maximal benefits.

Thus far, the results have proven to be exactly as promised by the new Bitcoin rival’s creators.    Last Friday, Bitmart exchange, announced via X it would be listing the Mollars token after the ICO’s new deadline closeout.

LBank To list Mollars

Starting this week, LBank announced via X it too will list the Mollars (MOLLARS) token after May 31st.    The news is a major positive for presale token holders.     LBank has over 7-million users according to its bio on Apple apps store [view].  This CEX is expected to cause a significant increase in Mollars token demand at launch.

LBank was founded in 2015 and pairs cryptos to more than 149 fiat [physical] currencies worldwide.  The Mollars listing will make the coin available to international audiences beyond that of Bitmart.

Mollars Token Supply & Price Projections

Mollars has a finite supply of 10-million tokens.    At $0.55 [cents] per token currently, a complete sell out of the total token supply appears possible at this pace.

Currently in the token presale phase, only 40% of the total token supply is available to crypto traders at the moment.

The expected price for the $MOLLARS token to list at is $0.62 [cents].  This is 12% more than the current ICO price.

Price predictions for Mollars have been between 20x – 44x thus far.  However, this was before various crypto exchanges confirmed a listing was in route.  The breaking news from LBank and Bitmart makes a significant uptick in projected value, though not guaranteed.

Via reddit, the Mollars team has said multiple exchanges will list the token but the names of all exchanges are not permitted to be discussed.  Those words have already been proven true however as the actual exchanges appear to be posturing themselves early as a source for the $MOLLARS token.

Only  31% Of Presale Supply Remains for Late Crypto Investors

The Mollars token presale has reached a total in value of over $1.3-million-dollars.     The total amount of tokens sold — 2,775,002.

Mollars has been rated by various media outlets as the hottest crypto presale of this year (2024) and with under 31% of the ICO supply remaining,  opportunities for investors are closing.

Currently the ICO is in the 5th of 6 rounds; very close to the sixth. At a price of $0.55 [cents] per token currently, in the final round the $MOLLARS token will sell for $0.60 [cents], five cents more than the current price.   

Investors today will see a 12% ROI yield on listing day if Mollars ICO reaches hard cap and lists at a price of $0.62 cents. 

Crypto investors that wait until the sixth round will see less than half of those ROI yields but still a positive.  

For either investor however, the short-term and long-term prices expected of Mollars are far higher.    Listing day gains are expected to be miniscule in comparison.

Mollars has been in the news heavily lately, much in part to the founder calling out discrepancies with the ideologies behind Bitcoin and Shiba Inu.

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