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Magic Integrates Etherlink to Enhance Tezos dApp Development

Magic has partnered with Etherlink to boost Tezos dApp development with enhanced scalability and security.

According to a press release shared with, this collaboration builds on the current relationship to support the growth of web3 community and the transition to web3 technologies while providing services and solutions.

We are excited to announce the integration between Magic and @Etherlink

Etherlink, a non-custodial, EVM-compatible @tezos layer two solution, offers enhanced user and developer experiences while leveraging Tezos’ underlying fundamentals.

Enhanced Security and…

— Magic (@magic_labs) May 28, 2024

Magic and Tezos to Strengthen Existing Partnership

The new integration aims to simplify onboarding for blockchain users. By combining Etherlink’s scalability and security with Magic’s easy-to-use wallet SDK, the partnership seeks to improve the development of decentralized applications (dApps) on the Tezos blockchain.

Etherlink, an EVM-compatible layer 2 solution, offers quick transaction times and low costs. It integrates directly with Tezos layer 1, reducing common smart contract risks and providing a solid foundation for secure dApp development.

“Etherlink checks all the boxes for a strong L2 blockchain. Fast block times, cheap transactions, MEV protection and on-chain governance,” stated Magic co-founder and CEO Sean Li.

“A community-led protocol that not only enables great UX with high throughput, but also with enhanced decentralization and security,” said Li. “We are absolutely thrilled to partner up and onboard the next billion users to web3 with the help of Etherlink.”

Improved Ecosystem for Users and Developers

This integration will enable developers to use Magic’s wallet SDK to create dApps that are both scalable and user-friendly.

Features like gasless transactions and better user experiences are expected to boost adoption and engagement within the Tezos ecosystem, supporting the growth of the web3 community.

“We are excited to continue the momentum with Magic to bring the power of Etherlink to developers,” said Trilitech’s head of BD Siddharth Singhal. Trilitech is the adoption hub for the Tezos blockchain.

“By integrating with Magic’s developer-friendly wallet SDK, we are unlocking the full potential of web3 by enabling developers to quickly create dApps that are scalable and accessible to mainstream users,” said Singhal.

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