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Brits spend a whopping £4,116 on house moves over their lifetime

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The average Brit moves house 5.5 times over the course of their lifetime. And while moves come with their own stresses related to organising mortgages, arranging surveys, packing and unpacking, there is also an additional type of stress many ignore: high costs. Here’s a look at the costs involved and what you can do to reduce them.


Moving isn’t cheap

According to MoneySuperMarket, Brits spend an average of £748 each time they move house. For those moving the average 5.5 times, that means £4,116 in costs that include buying new furniture (55%), purchasing new household items, such as bedding and kitchen utensils (53%), paying for the post to be re-directed (42%), and changing bill providers (36%). This is 12% more expensive than it was last year when lifetime moving costs averaged £3,417. 

The research also shows that there could be costs to consider when moving house than many people realise. Jo Thornhill, money expert at MoneySuperMarket, explains, “If you are considering moving, factor in things like cleaning, new household items, temporary storage space, and professional movers.  

“It’s also important that you have contents insurance before transporting your items to their new home. Most policies will provide cover for your belongings against damage or loss while they’re in transit from one property to the next,” Thornhill adds.


Moving costs vary greatly between cities

Some cities are more expensive than others when it comes to moving costs. Moving house in and around Aberdeen will set you back about £1,020 in 2021. That’s more expensive than moving within London, where the average cost of a move is around £854. In cities like Leicester and Portsmouth, moving comes out much cheaper to around £600.

Reducing the cost of moving 

You can’t make your moving experience completely free, but you can certainly cut costs here and there. Here are five ways to keep moving costs under control:

  • Purge like crazy. The more stuff you have to move, the pricier it will be. It’s never too soon to get rid of excess clothes, furniture that needs to be replaced anyway, books and anything you don’t have a real use for. Consider selling things before you move to save money and put that money towards your moving costs.
  • Hire a man with a van rather than a big moving company. Larger companies tend to outsource the work anyway, and you end up paying for a middle man you don’t need. That said, more established moving companies might be a good idea if you have very expensive, valuable items (like crystal lamps or a piano) as these companies tend to be insured.
  • Try to negotiate a discount. Some movers will charge you less if you book well in advance (think two months, not two weeks) or if you pack everything yourself.
  • Drive yourself to your new home if you can. This way, you could take valuables and fragile items with you and you won’t have to worry about paying extra to insure them.
  • Be flexible with your moving plans. It’s usually more expensive to move during the summer or on the weekends. If you’re using a removal service, ask if they offer discounts for off-peak moving times.

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