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What are Avios points?

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Are you a frequent traveller with exciting plans for 2022? If so, you may want to look into Avios points.

Those who travel via plane could reap serious rewards with the points and save money on their travel adventures. Despite their potential, Avios points remain a fairly unknown perk and as a result, thousands of holidaymakers could be missing out!

Whether you’re looking to save on your next business trip or cut down the costs of your next holiday, here’s everything you need to know about Avios points and how they could save you money.


Avios points: what are they?

Avios points are the reward currency that is offered by a number of popular airlines around the globe. This article will focus on Avios that are rewarded to members of the British Airways Executive Club as this airline is most relevant for flyers in the UK.

The points can be collected by club members only and are each worth around £0.45. However, the value of Avios points depends on how you choose to spend them.

Avios points can be used to purchase reward flights, hotel stays, car rentals, wine and travel experiences. As a result, if you save up enough Avios, you could receive an entire getaway for free!

The points do not expire. However, collectors must be able to spend or receive at least one point every 36 months. Avios points are unique from tier points, which cannot be spent and are only rewarded for certain British Airways flights. Alternatively, Avios points can be earned in a number of different ways.

How do Avios points work?

There are many ways that you can collect Avios points. Every time that you book a flight, hire a car or even purchase a hotel break, you could earn points to spend on your future travel activities. To start collecting, you must sign up for the Executive Club. British Airways have a list of eligible hotels, flights and other point earners on their website.

It is also possible to buy Avios points if you are in need of a top-up. This is a great way to ensure you can access reward flights or hotel stays if your balance isn’t quite high enough.


Who is eligible for Avios points?

Avios points are available to British Airways Executive Club members. The club is a customer loyalty programme that is completely free to join. There are no set eligibility criteria. However, most members are frequent flyers who are able to use their points every 36 months.

The Executive Club has a tier system with 4 tiers: blue, bronze, silver and gold. Executive club members begin in the blue tier and can work their way up to gold using tier points.

How do you redeem Avios points?

Avios points can be redeemed by booking reward flights. These flights can be with British Airways or one of their partner airlines. You can also spend your points on a range of hotel stays, hire cars or even exchange them for cash! The easiest way to do this is to go through the British Airways rewards app.

The rewards app is a great way to keep track of your Avios on the go. Here, you can see how many Avios points you have in your account and find new ways to collect points.

How much money could Avios points save you?

Avios points add up over time and the amount that you can save depends on how often you choose to use them and what you decide to use them for. However, if you let your points build up, you could receive an entire holiday for free!

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