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Forex Heart Beat Indicator For MetaTrader 4

Saros FX: Forex Heart Beat indicator is one of our paid tools that offer superior features to free tools. It has been designed specifically for MetaTrader 4 and tested about a thousand times. Whether you want to scalp or swing long-term, this indicator will simply mark the entry price for you together with exits.

For a beginner, having this indicator simply means you don’t have to worry about studying lots of information in order to make your first profit. For experienced traders, it means more flexibility because you can tweak the settins to suit your needs at will. This means that Forex Heart Beat is perfect for both beginners traders and experienced traders.


Some of its profound features include;

Convenient division of the screen into entry and exits zones Buy and sell arrows Two types of exitsSpeed of extra exits

Essentially the FX heartbeat indicator is very unique, it has its own alert/notification system. You can internally set up pop-up alerts, email notifications, and push notifications on your mobile phone. We also recorded some of its live perfomance check the video below;

This indicator is more like a complete trading system on its own because it has all the essential elements of a trrading system. That is, and exits, notifications, advanced tweakability. The manual which comes contains recommendatons on money management for assured success.

Help us grow by downloading the Forex Heart Beat Indicator only by us at Saros FX. Come back one day and leave us a comment about your experience with it, enjoy!

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